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HANS YORK - Young Amelia



Vocals & Guitar - Hans York
Upright Bass - Jon Hamar
Drums & Percussion - Chris Stromquist
Mandolin & Violin - Eva Scow
Nylon String Guitar - Dusty Brough
Cello - Myra Joy
Trombone - Elizabeth!
Pedal Steel Guitar - Dan Tyack
Background Vocals - Kym Tuvim

Background Vocals -Larry Murante
Background Vocals -James Hurley



It's the sound of simplicity and brilliance. With Young Amelia, Seattle-based Award winning Singer Songwriter Hans York takes acoustic music to new heights. A sense of intimacy permeates each song as the listener is invited to travel an eloquent and emotional landscape ranging from playful to profound.

Produced by Hans York and Phil Cohen; Recorded by David Lange at David Lange Studios, (Fife, WA); Mixed by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studio (Seattle, WA); Mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering (Seattle, WA); Executive Producer - Phil Cohen; Original Painting by Ann Gates Fiser,  Ann Gates Fiser Artstudio (Kirkland, WA); Art Director, Hannsjoerg Scheid; Released 2008

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