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Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano - Hans York
Percussion - Tom Armstrong
Background Vocals - Elke Diepenbeck
Drums, Percussion - Ralf Göldner
Upright Bass - Jon Hamar
Harp - Asita Hamidi
Dobro - Orville Johnson
Accordeon - David Lange
Electric Bass - Bjorn Meyer
Electric Guitar - Daniel Tochtermann
Guest Vocals - Edo Zanki


The English debut solo album by Hans York. From the opening note of the first track, Inside Out, listeners will encounter an inspiring journey into the heart and mind of a true world musician. With Inside Out, York breaks down the walls between world, pop, folk, jazz and acoustic music.

Produced by Hans York and Phil Cohen; Co-Produced by Mell Dettmer, David Lange, Stefan Scheid, Orville Johnson; Recorded by David Lange, David Lange Studios (Fife, WA), Stefan Scheid, Acousticland Studio (Groß-Umstadt, Germany), Mell Dettmer, Aleph Studio (Seattle, WA); Mixed by Mell Dettmer, Aleph Studio (Seattle, WA); Mastered by Rick Fisher, RFI Mastering (Seattle, WA); Photography by Brian Hartman; Artwork, Ulrike Keller; Art Director, Hannsjoerg Scheid, Released 2005

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