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Vocals, Guitar, Bass - Hans York
Background Vocals - Elke Diepenbeck
Percussion - Ralf Göldner
Trombone - Hans Heiner Bettinger
Tenor Saxophone - Corinna Danzer
Alto Saxophone - Jan Beiling
Upright Bass - Paul Imm
Percussion - Michel Wack
Chromatic Harmonica - Matthias Bröde
Loop Guitar - Leander Reininghaus
Guitar - Daniel Tochtermann


HANS YORK - "hazzazar"

"Hans York’s German Debut album presents sensitive Ballads and swinging midtempo songs influenced by a six months visit in Rio de Janeiro are carried by dynamic percussion and strong bass grooves. Hans York’s warm tempered voice weaves beautifull melodies and interesting harmonies while his German lyrics play with metaphors and romantic longing."

Frankfurter Rundschau

Produced by Hans York and Stefan Scheid; Recorded by Stefan Scheid, Acousticland Studio (Groß-Umstadt, Germany); Mixed by Stefan Scheid, Günther Gebhard, Hans York, Acousticland Studio (Groß-Umstadt, Germany); Art Director, Hannsjoerg Scheid, Released 1997/2007

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