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Hans York creates music with brilliant emotional momentum. He's a consummate musician, traveling between folk, jazz, and pop effortlessly, while his voice soars above it all. Seeing him live, you understand that you are experiencing a world-class talent. Hans’ joy is infectious and his chops are superior. His voice feels smooth, silky, and unique, with a breathtaking three-octave range that pulls you right in. Richly textured as well as utterly intimate, a true Renaissance musician that is skilled in many genres, knowing exactly how to blend them, and with the ability to sweep you right off your feet.

Kym Tuvim

Sweet and beautiful.  The plaintive delicacy of folk combined with the intricacy of melodic jazz, Hans' music takes you to lovely, wistful places.  I'’ve known Hans for years, watched him triumph, struggle and evolve. This is a real human being with a lot to share and stories to tell, all evident in the depth of his music, and the soaring passion with which he performs.

Annie Moscow

Hans York understands the importance of melody and melodic phrasing, and his melodies are both unique and listenable.  I like the way he has allowed his guitar and other instruments to follow his vocal melodies in unison, which brings out their catchy beauty even further.

Esther Golton, Whole Wheat Radio

Just in case you didn't think there was any more passionate, intelligent and musical wooden music out there, check out Hans York.  in this hip hop world, it's like a massage for your ears.  I love it.

James Lee Stanley


Hans is a master of sound and poetry who skillfully takes you into his soft magical world. You will not be afraid to open your heart up, allowing him to share his gift and gently close it back up leaving you all the better for having had this vulnerable place touched.

Mike Marshall

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