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Over the last decades I worked as a producer for many artists in various genres. No matter if Jazz, Pop, Blues or Singer-Songwriter, I always found the right angle to bring out the heart and core of the artist and highlight the strength of the material presented.

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Remote Recording Session

If you like to have me play acoustic/electric guitar or sing on your upcoming album, let me know. Depending on availability and time I can do a remote recording from my studio in Dallas and supply you with a track that you can implement into your Studio session.

Price: Contact for details


Charts for your songs.

In the studio or live with musicians, if you haven't played with each other for a long time, a great chart can save the day. I write Chord/Rhythm Charts, Lead Sheets and Charts with melody/chords/lyrics.

Price: Contact for details


Touring/ Recording/ Social Media

I've been playing professionally since 1979, performing thousands of shows, recording my own albums as well as being a sideman and studio musician. I was planning, booking, promoting and budgeting for my tours and albums, learning the hard way by making lots of mistakes. You do not have to do that!

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Over the last 35 years I accumulated a lot of techniques and ways to improve the way I am playing, writing, arranging and producing my music. With todays technology I am able to share it online even if I am thousands of miles away.

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House Concert

Besides performing in Theatres, Festivals, Clubs and other public venues I really enjoy the intimate experience of an acoustic evening in a private setting of a home. This can happen on any day of the week if you have enough friends that enjoy live music close up.

Price: Contact for details

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