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Vocals & Guitars - Hans York

Drums - Mike Stone

Bass - Keith Lowe

Organ - Joe Doria

Background Vocal - Tiffany Wilson

Percussion - Ralf Goeldner

Piano - Ryan Shea Smith

Pedal Steel - Dan Tyack

Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Samantha Boshnack

Trombone, Tuba - Nelson Bell

Sax - Izaak Mills

Handclaps – Jean Mann, Evan Brubaker





From evocative ballads to rousing roots rockers: With Heard or Herded?, singer-songwriter Hans York navigates a deep spectrum of bluesy grooves, sparkling atmospherics, punchy horns and wailing background vocals.

Produced by Evan Brubaker; Recorded by Mell Dettmer and Evan Brubaker at Avast, Aleph, and Forgiveness (Seattle, WA and Tacoma, WA); Mixed by Mell Dettmer and Evan Brubaker at Avast (Seattle, WA); Mastered by David Glasser, Airshow, Boulder, CO; Executive Producer - Phil Cohen; Photography by Dina Scoppettone; Art Director - Scott Docherty, Redhare; Released 2012

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