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Guitars, Loops - Hans York


After three consecutive years on the road and more than 700 shows throughout the US, Hans York signed out and went on a Sabbatical. Eighteen months later he returns with his most alluring and gentle album yet. It was conceived while on a Yoga Retreat on Maui where Hans provided live ambient music during the classes. The guitar loops on “Echoes of Change” rise from the still heart of a man with an inward reflection and a love of natural embodied living.

The album provides sound healing and a foundation for Meditation, Massage, Gentle Yoga, morning prayers or just a beautiful way to start your day. The sound of Hans York is the sound of a man at peace with himself. The heart space is what is important. The more an artist can drop into that and reveal it, the better the art transcends and people will find strength in the listening.

Produced & Recorded by Hans York, Mixed & Mastered by Martin Baird at Verge Music Works Studio, Released 2013

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